'The Londoner' - Original London Style

London Lions and HARD in the Paint founder Jermaine Bates, a London-based artist born and raised whose acclaimed trademark hand-painted designs have been seen worldwide, have partnered once again to launch a limited-edition jersey entitled, The Londoner.

The collaboration was birthed to pay homage to London’s creative basketball community and everything it has had to overcome historically and in recent years. 

It’s the first time a team will be wearing my jerseys to play in, It definitely feels special that it’s my hometown team.

The jerseys was created in my trademark hand painted design, whilst at the same time representing the lions team Colours.

- Jermaine Bates AKA HARD, founder of HARD in the Paint.

“‘The Londoner is our first limited-edition jersey from the team, chosen to spotlight the creativity and passion of the London basketball community.

It was both Jermaine’s passion for design and abstract- expressionism approach that appealed to us to partner with him on this historic tribute. Creativity, fashion and community are core parts of our identity and Jermaine’s work could not be more aligned with those attributes.

The London Lions are committed to working with local, London- based creatives to bring to culture behind the game to life. This is the first limited edition jersey we’ve ever produced and we look forward to doing more of these in future, celebrating our fans and the community.” 

- Oliver Emery

London Lions Stars, Azania Stewart & Shequila Joesph

From public funding to a global pandemic – it has not been an easy journey. But the creativity of Londoners has enabled the community to not only survive but to flourish.

Our city’s hoopers have had to hustle and break barriers to ensure the longevity of this beautiful sport.

Their creativity oozes in every form, be it resourcefulness with public funding, lobbying councils, designing street courts, content creation or starting clothing lines.

Our pride in our city, our community and their creativity is immeasurable.

The Londoner is yet another form of expression of what the British capital is to its people, including its basketball community:

Unapologetically brash, Unapologetically bold, Unapologetically proud, Unapologetically London!


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